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7 Compelling Facts About AAOIC Malpractice Insurance

Rumors can ruin reputations and careers. Just ask any of the professionals who received one of the nearly 600,000 malpractice claims over the last decade.*


The American Association of Orthodontists Insurance Company (AAOIC) has experienced its own share of rumors over the years. We’re here to dispel those misconceptions so you can be confident that AAOIC is the only ally you’ll ever need in fending off malpractice damages.


Here are 7 facts that speak to the affordability, financial strength, and reliability of AAOIC Malpractice Insurance.


1. AAOIC Exists to Help Protect You from Litigation

The AAOIC offers an exceedingly robust risk management program. A study showed that taking our risk management courses will reduce the likelihood of experiencing a claim by 25%. We also reward those who successfully complete the program with a 10% premium discount for two full policy years.


2. AAOIC Won't Leave You with a Large Bill for the Tail Coverage

There is no charge for tail coverage with our claims-made policy if you retire after age 50 and remain continuously insured with us for the preceding four years or more. There is never a charge for tail coverage in the case of death or disability.


3. AAOIC has the Financial Backing to Support Large Claims Against Members

All claims over $200,000 are reinsured by three reinsurance companies rated A + (Superior) by A.M. Best. With billions of dollars backing us, we’re always prepared to support our members—no matter the size of the claim.


4. With AAOIC, a New Job or Move Won't Require You to Switch Policies

An AAOIC insured never needs to change policies due to a practice move. Premiums vary by location, but the policy will remain unchanged. The same is true if the insured becomes incorporated—they will keep the same policy, and an endorsement will be added to indicate the change, provided they stay insured with AAOIC through age 50.


5. AAOIC Needs Your Consent to Settle a Claim

AAOIC never settles a claim without an insured’s consent.


6. AAOIC Offers Discounts for Recent Graduates and Risk Management

AAOIC offers up to a 75% discount for recent graduates, depending on the type of coverage selected. Those attending our risk management courses can receive discounts up to 85%, and unlike other insurance companies, we won’t triple your premium after your first year of coverage.


7. AAOIC Offers Prior Acts Coverage

Prior acts coverage is available from AAOIC. A supplemental application can be submitted to request prior acts coverage.



For more information about our malpractice policy, visit us here.


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*”NPDB Research Statistics.” National Practitioner Data Bank. 2015. Web. 10 February. 2016. Data spans 2004 – 2014.

**Provided you stay insured with us through age 50.