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FAQ's on use of Supplemental Disease Consent Form and Health Questionnaire

Answers to FAQ’s regarding the AAOIC Supplemental Informed Consent "Orthodontic Treatment in the Era of COVID-19" and Supplemental Health Questionnaire


  • These forms have been developed for your protection.  They may help you avoid a lawsuit alleging transmission of communicable disease, and if you are sued, make it more likely AAOIC can successfully defend you.
  • The Supplemental Informed Consent,Orthodontic Treatment in the Era of COVID-19” is designed to be used once for each patient currently in treatment and for new patients for as long as COVID-19 remains a threat.
  • For new patients, be sure to use the latest AAO Comprehensive Informed Consent form which addresses the transmission of communicable diseases. 
  • AAOIC recommends using the Supplemental Health Questionnaire, or something similar, for every patient on every visit as a screening tool for as long as the COVID-19 remains a threat. This is because symptoms may develop between orthodontic appointments. This is for the protection of you, your staff and other patients/parents.
  • AAOIC does not require you to use either form but recommends the use of both. Whether you use the forms or not, coverage for the alleged transmission of COVID-19 will be provided, depending on the specific facts and circumstances of any claim, as long as you are following all state and federal regulations including, but not limited to those of your state dental practice act.