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Thank you for over 25 years of support!


For Over 25 years we've been providing orthodontists with quality Professional Liability Insurance and it is our mission to continue to provide exceptional coverage and irreplaceable peace of mind when it's needed most.


Twenty-six years ago, the need for stable and quality affordable Professional Liability coverage among orthodontists lead to the inception of AAO's Professional Liability Insurance company, in the form of a risk retention group (RRG).


As an RRG based in Vermont, AAOIC would be able to provide coverage for orthodontists in all 50 U.S. states, while operating independently from the AAO.


Soon after approval from the Vermont Department of Insurance, AAOIC obtained reinsurance to cover potential losses over $150,000, giving insured orthodontists peace of mind knowing they're protected from catastrophic losses. Currently, AAOIC reinsures all claims over $200,000.  Member insureds also enjoy shareholder benefits from AAOIC.


  • AAOIC is the only Professional Liability Insurance Company founded by orthodontists, run by orthodontists, and exclusively dedicated to providing coverage for AAO members.
  • The company is now the largest insurer of AAO members, and members have experienced rate reductions in some years along with significant dividends in many years.
  • All of AAOIC's reinsurers are rated from A+ (Superior) by A. M. Best.
  • Every claim incurred by an insured member is reviewed and managed by a committee of orthodontists with intimate knowledge of orthodontic treatment methods and a claim manager with over 44 years of experience handling orthodontic claims.

Take a glimpse into the past and see what has formed us into the established company we are today.

AAOIC Timeline

1987 The AAO-Endorsed Professional Liability Program was developed and introduced through JLT Services

1989  The program's underwriter was transferred from Harbor Paciic Insurance Company in California to Scottsdale Insurance Company in Phoenix.

1995  AAOIC (AAO Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group) became the underwriter of the AAO-Endorsed Professional Liability Program.


AAOIC has distributed impressive dividends to our shareholders for many years.

Dividend History

2019  27%

2018  22%

2017  6.7%

2016  7.5%

2015  7%

2014   7.8%

2013   12.2%

2012   15.5%

2011   15.1%

2010   8%

2009   0%

2008   5%

2007   0%

2006   1.5%

Experience why AAOIC "The Orthodontists' Malpractice Insurance"  is regarded as the most important benefit offered to AAO members and is the "Gold Standard" of Professional Liability Insurance!