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Engaging in Difficult Conversations

Addressing problem areas with patients is never fun, but it’s critical orthodontists tackle these conversations as soon as possible. Early discussions can help keep patients from unrealistic expectations and prevent allegations, thereby mitigating the risk of a negative claim.  

First Aid Coverage Makes All the Difference

Maybe you're an orthodontist who's fresh out of school. Or maybe you're a veteran who's been in the field for decades. No matter how long you've practiced, malpractice claims are a legitimate threat to your livelihood. But this isn't the place for doom and gloom, because the AAOIC exists to help you manage risks.   We actively listen to our insureds and take all factors into account when updating our malpractice insurance plan. That's why our policy includes a provision few other plans do: first aid coverage.  

eNews - Spring 2018

Understand the Doctor/Patient Relationship Condition Did you know the AAOIC policy has a requirement that insureds must perform a comprehensive examination of all patients they plan to treat; and that appropriate diagnostic records must be obtained and studied, on which any resulting diagnosis, treatment plan or treatment recommendation will be based? In addition, the patient’s progress must be regularly monitored or there must be documentation that an attempt was made to do so.  

AAOIC Declares 22% Dividend!

AAOIC  recently declared a dividend of $1,600,000 which will be paid as a premium credit to insureds who renew in 2018.  This equates to nearly 22%.  AAOIC shares the wealth.  Unlike other insurance companies, AAOIC returns profits to insureds through dividends and premium reductions when actuarially sound to do so.  AAOIC has paid dividends in nine of the last ten years!  Please take this into consideration when companing AAOIC to other professional liability insurance companies.

Thank you for 23 years of support!

For 23 years we’ve been providing our AAO members with quality Professional Liability Insurance and it is our mission to continue to provide exceptional coverage and irreplaceable peace of mind when it's needed most.


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