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eNews - Spring 2018

Understand the Doctor/Patient Relationship Condition Did you know the AAOIC policy has a requirement that insureds must perform a comprehensive examination of all patients they plan to treat; and that appropriate diagnostic records must be obtained and studied, on which any resulting diagnosis, treatment plan or treatment recommendation will be based? In addition, the patient’s progress must be regularly monitored or there must be documentation that an attempt was made to do so.  

AAOIC Declares 22% Dividend!

AAOIC  recently declared a dividend of $1,600,000 which will be paid as a premium credit to insureds who renew in 2018.  This equates to nearly 22%.  AAOIC shares the wealth.  Unlike other insurance companies, AAOIC returns profits to insureds through dividends and premium reductions when actuarially sound to do so.  AAOIC has paid dividends in nine of the last ten years!  Please take this into consideration when companing AAOIC to other professional liability insurance companies.

Planning for Practice Continuation or Transition

Whether you're considering retirement or experiencing health issues, you'll need to step away from your career at some point. It might be tough to put your orthodontic practice in someone else's hands, but you shouldn't wait to create plans for practice continuation or transition.   If you don't have a strategy for passing your practice on to another orthodontist, you could put your patients at risk or create complications for your heirs.    

No, I’d Rather Not: An Orthodontist’s Guide to Informed Refusal

“No” is not the easiest word to hear. It’s often difficult to prevent the typical knee-jerk reaction to defend, qualify, re-phrase, or simply speak slower or louder to make your point. Differing opinions, misunderstandings, and conflicting information make interpersonal communication challenging.   Like many relationships, patient interactions may benefit more from listening than convincing. In a practice setting, a refusal doesn’t have to put patient rapport, or you, at risk.   What Is Informed Refusal?


FDA bans powdered gloves beginning Wednesday, January 18, 2017 If you or your practice are currently using powdered gloves, you must remove them from your practice and start using non-powdered gloves before Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

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