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Addressing problem areas with patients is never fun, but it is critical orthodontists have those conversations as soon as possible. By communicating early, you can help patients understand the potential for serious treatment problems and encourage them to accept suggested solutions. These conversations can also help minimize the risk of a malpractice claim or regulatory complaint. 

FAQs: The Lowdown on Malpractice Premium Rates

1.  How are premium rates determined for malpractice insurance in a specific practice area?

eNews Winter 2022

AAOIC Announces Dividend for 2021 Payable in 2022 AAOIC®, The Orthodontists’ Malpractice Insurance®, is pleased to announce that it is paying its 14th dividend of $1,700,000 to orthodontists that were insured on December 31, 2021. This will be paid by a premium credit of approximately 20% to those renewing in 2022.  

Hammer Clause---Consent To Settle

  Pure Consent to Settle vs. Hammer Clause: Do you understand the language regarding a claims settlement in your malpractice policy? It's important you do because it may have significant ramifications on your career.   What's the Difference? Understanding your consent provisions is important because settling your claim may not be the best resolution for you. Your policy's language will provide details on whether you have input in your own defense… and to what extent.  

2022 AAOIC Shareholders' Meeting

The AAOIC Shareholders' Meeting will be held virtually on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 11:30 Eastern Daylight Time.  All AAOIC insureds are welcome to attend.  To log in, please click on the following link.  We look forward to seeing you then!

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