AAO Professional Liability Insurance

Created by orthodontists, for orthodontists ®.

AAO Professional Liability Insurance is the most popular orthodontic malpractice insurance in the United States. Many AAO members consider it the greatest single benefit of AAO membership.

Provided by the AAO Insurance Company, a risk retention group owned by its policyholders (who are also its shareholders), this plan has been meeting the specific coverage needs of orthodontists since 1995:

  • The only plan where claims are reviewed by a committee of experienced orthodontists.
  • No settlement of any claim without your consent.
  • Savings of up to 85% per year with discounts, and even more in years when dividends are paid.
  • All claims over $200,000 are reinsured by four insurance companies rated A+ (Superior) for complete security.
  • Both Occurrence and Claims-Made coverage is available.
  • The only professional liability insurance program endorsed by the AAO.