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The Orthodontists' Guide to Malpractice Insurance

You specialize in creating beautiful, healthy smiles. And you are great at it. But sometimes a patient will think you made a mistake—whether it is true or not. Either way, it can put you at risk of being sued.  

AAOIC eNews Summer 2021

Read the X-rays You Take – to Prevent Malpractice Claims No orthodontist enjoys having a malpractice claim made against him/her, and if it is made in the form of a lawsuit, that is especially stressful. The main cause of loss that results in significant anguish to the doctor and frequently results in the payment of high settlement dollars by the company is failure to recognize and refer a radiolucency.  

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Managing the Risk of a Negative Claim

As the case in the previous article shows, malpractice claims involving development or exacerbation of periodontal disease can result in major litigation and high dollar claim settlements. The defense process of these claims is difficult for the doctors. Litigation is usually contentious and time-consuming. Depending on the number of teeth involved and the plaintiff's sympathy factor, the settlement amounts can be very high.  

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Earn a 20% Premium Credit! Created by Orthodontists for Orthodontists®, AAOIC works to help safeguard your hard-earned career by offering comprehensive malpractice insurance. We believe protecting your career is worth doing right—and choosing the plan that is selected by more of your peers than any other can make the difference.  

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