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Understanding Your Malpractice Policy Can Help Keep You Protected

Understanding Your Malpractice Policy Can Help Keep You Protected Many of you have a malpractice insurance policy but may know little about it. Nevertheless, it's critical to understand the basics of what your policy covers and the necessary requirements for coverage. Taking a few steps can help give you peace of mind about your protection and assure you comply with conditions to maximize your insurance benefits. 

Advise Patients About Their Role in Maintenance

Avoid litigation by advising patients that wearing a retainer is key to maintaining alignment. When orthodontic patients have their treatment completed, they are excited with the results. But they need to understand those results won’t remain without maintenance. You can help patients by assuring that they understand the importance of wearing their retainers and caring for them properly.   The Final Phase of Successful Orthodontic Care: Maintenance

Dividend Announcement

Earn a 25% Dividend! Created by Orthodontists for Orthodontists®, AAOIC works to help safeguard your hard-earned career by offering comprehensive malpractice insurance. We believe protecting your career is worth doing right—and choosing the plan that is selected by more of your peers than any other can make the difference.  

5 Tips to Avoiding the Pitfalls of Clear Aligner Treatment

Whether pursuing the perfect selfie or chasing airbrushed images presented by the media, many adults seek a better smile. As orthodontists, we enjoy the opportunity to help. Correcting our patients’ teeth can do more than improve their smile; it can also help bite function and overall dental health. Patients seem to be requesting clear aligner treatment more. Although there may be many benefits to clear aligners for patients, there can be several drawbacks for orthodontists. How can we minimize the pitfalls and protect ourselves against negative claims?

Engaging in Difficult Conversations

Addressing problem areas with patients is never fun, but it’s critical orthodontists tackle these conversations as soon as possible. Early discussions can help keep patients from unrealistic expectations and prevent allegations, thereby mitigating the risk of a negative claim.  

Thank you for 25 years of support!

For 25 years we’ve been providing our AAO members with quality Professional Liability Insurance and it is our mission to continue to provide exceptional coverage and irreplaceable peace of mind when it's needed most.


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